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EM Corporate Solutions LLC

We help small business owners double (2X) their income by reducing taxes, building commercial credit, and establishing a simple but repeatable sales process. We specializes in providing world-class service for independent contractors, self-employed, and sole proprietors with smaller budgets. 

Our mission is to help our clients  gain an advantage in the market

If you’ve got 99 problems…making payroll should be one! 

Income Tax Preparation

We specialize in helping independent contractors, self-employed, and sole proprietors with smaller budgets. Our fees are based on the complexity of your tax return. Therefore, we charge by the tax forms we use to complete your tax return. Plus, you get the expertise, quality, and peace of mind of an experienced tax professional.

Bookkeeping & Expenses Tracking

Say goodbye to paper receipts! We provide our clients with a mobile app that tracks their mileage and their expenses in real-time. Let us do the hard work for you! We then provide you with an easy-to-read monthly report designed to be given to your tax preparer at tax time. 

2nd Look Business Tax review

Did you get the maximum tax refund over the past three years? For whatever reason, you didn’t claim all the credit, deductions, or business expenses you’re entitled. That can mean you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table that you could be used to buying something nice or taking a vacation. We have a talent for finding the missing dollars overlooked in travel expenses, incorrect 1099s, unreconciled statements, and much more. 

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You’ve got 99 problems, and making payroll shouldn’t be one. 

  • I’m paying too much income taxes
  • I have trouble making payroll
  • I have trouble tracking my expenses
  • I have trouble getting financing
  • I give discounts to get more sales
  • I have customers that pay late
  • I struggle to pay monthly bills
  • I have difficulty getting new customers  



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