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Bookkeeping & Tax Planning Services 

When we handle your bookkeeping, you make more profit and minimize taxes.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s affordable!

We’re more than just bookkeeping, our advisory services have helped our clients:

• Increase profitability by an average of 20%

•Exceed their growth goals, including expanding to multiple locations

• Save an average of $23,000 in tax, per year

• Get back an average of 120 hours of their time, per year

We have a true passion for providing business owners with the financial information they need to grow their businesses and realize maximum profitability while minimizing tax liability. We are a full-service accounting firm, specializing in:

Bookkeeping  | Payroll | Income Tax Preparation (Sole Proprietorship, LLP/LLC, S-Corp, and C-Corp)  | Business Consulting & Advisory Services

For some of our clients, we serve as their outsourced accounting department while handling all of their tax (income, payroll, sales & use, etc) and regulatory filings on time, every time. For others, we take a more limited role, providing only the services that make sense. We’ve worked with businesses in virtually every industry and have developed systems and processes that leverage technology to provide fast, accurate service. Reach out and let’s talk about your business, your goals and challenges, and how I can help you increase profit, minimize taxes, and free you up time for your to focus on your business and your family!

Our mission is to help our clients  gain an advantage in the market

If you’ve got 99 problems…making payroll should be one! 


A certified bookkeeper will bring your existing financials up-to-date so you can start fresh. Additionally, we meet with our clients every month via video calls and provide them with detailed reports to keep them abreast of tax posture.  

Advisory Services

Stress less. Succeed more. Build the financial fitness of your company. Increase cash flow, profit margin, and growth. Find peace of mind knowing you have EM Corporate Solutions on your team, while you focus on growing your business. Work with a team that is dedicated to Increasing your ROI.

Payroll Serivces

We help our clients stress less. Because we assume all aspects of payroll on behalf of your business. This arrangement is very is beneficial for employers who value their time and want to ensure that their employees and taxes are paid accurately and on schedule.

get report

You’ve got 99 problems, and making payroll shouldn’t be one. 

  • I’m paying too much income taxes
  • I have trouble making payroll
  • I have trouble tracking my expenses
  • I have trouble getting financing
  • I give discounts to get more sales
  • I have customers that pay late
  • I struggle to pay monthly bills
  • I have difficulty getting new customers  



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