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Income Tax Preparation & Auditing Service

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From reducing expenses to increasing your revenue — EM Corporate Solutions has all the solutions and tools you need. Trust us to help you reach your business goals. 

Want 100% Return-On-Investment?

Our experts will work with you to analyze and understand your business goals and help you develop the strategies that will drive your business profit through the roof.

EM Corporate Solutions’ expense tracking app is designed to help Independent contractors, self-employed individuals such as real estate agents, plumbers, roofers, brick masons, electricians, carpet and flooring specialists just to name a few.


Building a Business Can Be Overwhelming—the Good News Is, You Are Not Alone

2nd Look Tax Review

Need help with increasing cash flow?

We have a knack for finding mistakes and errors in business tax returns.

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At EMCS, we focus on helping Small businesses that have two or fewer decision-makers. We equip independent contractors, self-employed and sole sole
proprietors with the tools to cut expenses and revenue.

Business Funding

Need more funds?

Our team of experts can help you explore various funding options and choose the right one to set up your business.

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We have a unique line-of-credit funding program for startups or established companies. EMCS helps you build a strong business credit file (that’s not linked to your SSN) using a step by step proven, field-tested, and highly personalized process.

Income Tax Preparation

Does dealing with the IRS scare you?

Master the art of getting all your deductions & credits every year.

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Our team of specialists will help you analyze and understand the needs of your customers. 

Mileage & Business Expense Tracking

Are tacking all your business expenses?

Our simple system saves you big $$$$ at tax time.

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Our team of talented specialists can save you money.

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